Artist Statement

We are all printmakers. I create works that examine indefinable sensation of presence as we move through our daily lives. I’m convinced that our presence remains, whether by tangible or metaphysical imprint, even in places we pass through briefly. By revisiting places, do we trigger presence and sensations that lay dormant until we return to activate them once more? How are these types of experiences re-activated within the body?  I am interested in this mystery and in recording the continual imprint of the body in time, and within the body. My images hint at something seen but not fully discerned.

Through the media of printmaking and photography I use other’s direct or indirect imprint, temporal connections to the land, and textual records of my own and other's experiences. The mechanics of arresting invisible detail through light combined with the direct mark of the hand by screen printing or engraving serve to highlight the juxtaposition of the familiar and the uncanny. With these mediums I observe our compulsion, both societal and personal, to re-evaluate and renew our identities, while recording them in time.