Radio Drives, video

Throughout our lives we hear certain songs over and over again. Along with other senses like smell and taste, music is one of the most instantaneous ways to transport the listener back in time. “Radio Drives” represents a layering of sound that accumulates over a lifetime of hearing the same song in many different times of our life. Driving and listening to the radio we are often catapulted back in time when a song comes on in the car that we heard for the first time many years ago. In “Radio Drives”, I began filming as I drove when a particular song came the radio that referenced a specific memory. The piece that resulted from these captured sounds and images provokes thought about whether or not the layers of memory form a palimpsest or if they remain singular. When significant songs are heard repeatedly, are memories of time and place are added to the original memory, or does the initial memory of the song remain alone and intact?